People come to see a coach typically to get something they don’t yet have. They want a change.

If the athlete is looking for a change, it’s important to analyze the impact of the change before starting to work on it. And not only by the coach. Is the change he’s looking for good for him? How will the new behavior fit his life, his ecosystem?

For example, an athlete with a spouse and a child would like to win the championship in an amateur sport where money is not earned, but spent. He’s looking for some additional motivation.


Is it good for the person to be even more motivated? Perhaps. 

Is it good for his social life and current job if he’d be more motivated in his sport? Perhaps.

Is spending even more time in the gym good from his wife and child’s perspective? Perhaps.

Is spending more money on amateur sports good and wise for the man and his family? Perhaps.

Is the extra push that is needed to win the championship good for his health and injured knee? Perhaps.

Is the balance between his sports hobby and his family life according to his values? Perhaps.


There are not always clear answers. If the change is not harmful, and you “just” want it, then go ahead. If there’s something that need changing, change it. Hesitation is way too common in this world.

Sometimes, though, people want something they really don’t want. They imagine only the quick moment of “victory”, whatever it represents to them. People don’t think ahead of the consequences, they don’t watch their imagined movie a bit further. Are they ready to pay the price? Is there a price? It’s good that you think about these things upfront. It doesn’t take a long time. Perhaps you may want to think what do you actually want.

Athletes know very well by first hand information that sometimes you can’t compensate time with money, or anything else. And sometimes it’s vice versa. Sometimes you can’t compensate a missed opportunity. The point is this: If the goal and the consequences are in alignment with his core values and beliefs, they fit his life, and are good for the person and his close ones, the changes done during coaching are so much more impactful.

This is ecology.

Kirjoittajasta Panu Kuhlberg

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