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"How you can become even better at what you do?"


Expert performance

Definition: Reliably getting superior results.

Building blocks: skills, decision making, emotion regulation, arousal level, motivation, attitude, task decomposition, strategies, exercise, chunking, bottom-up and top-down, practice, action, automation, mental imagery, deliberate practice, perception and attention, cognition, nervous systems, executive control, results, goals, habits, AI, models and behaviour.

How: Understand your goals, acquire skills for attention, arousal control and focus. Get knowledge how mental conditioning works, do mental exercises that will create you a thinking habit, assess you attitude, get rid of mental brakes and fears so that you're not just avoiding mistakes, let your body automated systems work by avoiding overthinking. Don't listen too much about your friends about mental conditioning, as your thinking is personal.

What else: Get info and exercises that will work for you. Or do experiments. Implement your own idea. Just don't let it be, because you have put too many hours in this.

Mental Peak Performance
by Panu Kuhlberg